Happy Birthday to my Blog

Today, Tongue In Chic is one year old.

I know, I know, you’ve been counting down the days. I’m touched.

I really feel that I should be writing a heart-wrenching post about what a journey this year has been and how shocked I am that I actually fulfilled a New Year’s resolution – first time ever, mind you – but my house is going to be filled with about a bajillion people here in a couple hours, and I’m certain there’s something I should be cooking or cleaning or something…

So, in lieu of sober reflections and deep spiritual meanderings, I’ll just let you cast your mind over all the fun bits and draw your own conclusions about this year of blogging.

Here’s a list of my faves to get you started (because, I’m certain you have absolutely nothing else to do on this blessed occasion):

Airborne, Take Me Away

A Rant…but a short one…

The Chick Survival Guide

The Lost Masterpiece

Feel free to respond with comments and congratulations. It’s Christmas and my blog birthday, so gifts would certainly not be out of the question…


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