Brace Yourselves!!

Life has been uneventful lately.

Not boring…just not blog-worthy.

We’re coming down to the less-than-two-weeks-away crunch time for Speech Competition [cross your fingers and bite your nails!], so things have definitely been happening. But they’ve been happening so smoothly that I’m a little worried.

Choir Risers provided. Check

Outfits purchased for girls. Check.

Outfits purchased for guys. Check.

Accessories purchased for both. Check.

All of the above within budget. Check…ish.

Everyone is doing their last-minute polishing, and working on their introductions — with the exception of three entrants who are still working on memorization. [Grumble; Murmur; Glare: You know who you are!!]

The ties I ordered for the guys are a tad brighter and bluer than I really wanted them to be, and I’m still short one necklace for the girls. (Have no fear, my minions are tracking down that last errant strand.) But no major crises have occurred.

This concerns me.


In fact, I’m somewhat afraid that once I hit “publish” on this post, the universe will explode…

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

…In other news…

…I’ve been systematically chipping away at the archives of my New Favorite Blog

…I’ve begun using Twitter for its intended purpose (feel free to follow in a non-creepy way)…

…I’m pretty sure my students are plotting to create an unauthorized eHarmony profile for me…


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