The New Guy

Our little family was very excited to welcome a new addition this week! Although he arrived five weeks later than expected and caused a quite a  bit of trouble, we are very glad that he is here now.

His full name is Comcast Xfinity Double Play, but we’re pretty sure we’re going to call him Roger.

The other kids – Walter, Percy, Reginald, and Ilene* – were a bit leery of him at first, but I think I’ve managed to convince them that if we all just give a little, we’ll have room for one more.

“Pretty soon,” I told them, “we’ll wonder how we ever got along without him for so long.”

I certainly see some sleepless nights in the near future as we get our schedule adjusted…and catch up on Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, and Summer television shows.

And, hey – if you would like to buy little Roger a welcome gift, I can direct you to the nearest Apple store…

*Water, Power, Rent, Insurance


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