Ain’t Droppin’ No Eaves No More!

“She tries too hard to be funny.”

It was the last bit of a conversation I shouldn’t have been listening to, but I’m a veteran eavesdropper, and sometimes it’s hard to stop.

Besides. It was about me.

But then those words whacked me upside the head.

And it hurt.

(My mother would say there’s a lesson to be learned in that.)

Someone important(ish) to me was talking to someone else important to me. They were discussing my blog and my writing style and my humor (or apparent lack).

Of course I had to listen in.

Serves me right, I guess.

I shoulda kept my big ears shut and gone on about my blogging business, but noooo. I had to hear what they said.

I had to get a face full of real talk and feel like a failure, because someone whose opinion matters to me thinks I “try too hard.”

So I did what any mature, well-adjusted adult would do in a situation like that.

I crawled down into a little hole and felt sorry for myself.

…and then, after a while, I got disgusted with myself for letting someone else dictate my abilities.

…and then I just got bored.

So now I’m back.

And so what if I “try too hard” to be witty, or funny, or charming, or good at anything?

At least I try.

Which is more than I can say for some people.


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