Seven Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

dryersheetsI admit it. I’m a cheapskate.

I mean, not like those wack jobs on Extreme Cheapskates (I definitely do NOT reuse toilet paper – can you believe those people??!!), but if I can reuse or re-purpose something to save a buck, I will.

Something I unashamedly reuse is dryer sheets. Partly because it’s hard for me to throw away something that still smells so clean, and partly because I’ve found so many uses for those little static-busting busters.

I know you can search the interwebs and find dozens of lists for reuses of things, but these are all things that I do myself. So I know (and now you know) they work.

1. Deodorize your car
I don’t know about you, but I am very particular about how my car smells. I can’t stand mustiness or mildew, but most car deodorizers are too overpowering. I’d rather drive with a smelly car than with a pounding headache. A few used dryer sheets tucked under the seats or in the seat pockets give off just enough lavender clean freshness that my car smells nice without being overpowering.
(I usually put a couple in the rear cupholders where they serve double duty of smelling fresh and catching spills.)

2. Remove deodorant marks
I don’t remember where I came across this little tip, but I sure am glad I did! It seems like every day that I look down at my clothes while I’m getting ready, and see a white smear on my shirt. A few rubs with a used dryer sheet takes it right off.

3. Toss them in the trash
I’m not kidding. Put a couple used dryer sheets in the bottom of your trashcan to keep it smelling fresh…or at least, not smelling nasty.

4. Put them in the hamper
Following the same principle as putting them in the trash, putting the dryer sheets in the hamper will help neutralize odors. You can sort them out when you sort your laundry. And if you accidentally send them through the wash with your clothes, it’s no big deal.

5. Store them inside suitcases
I keep a handful of used dryer sheets inside the mesh pockets of my suitcases. Not only do they keep my bags from getting musty, they also keep my clothes smelling fresh when I travel.

6. Dust the furniture
I hate to dust. I mean, really. I would rather clean the toilet than dust the coffee table. It’s not like dusting is hard, I just have this really strange aversion to it. But whenever my furniture begins to have a gray tinge, and I can no longer remember the true color of my dresser, I’ll pull out a few used dryer sheets, buckle down, and get to work.
Not only do the dryer sheets eliminate the need for dusting spray, but I swear there’s something about them that makes the dust stay away longer.

7. Reuse them
I don’t do this often, because I really like the way my clothes smell when I first pull them out of the dryer (have you noticed, I have a thing about smells?), but whenever I’m running low – or have run out of – dryer sheets, I’ll just toss two or three used ones in a load. They won’t leave your clothes smelling as nice, but they will still eliminate static.

So what about you? Do you have any uses for used dryer sheets? Or do you think that’s totally weird?


6 thoughts on “Seven Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

  1. You left out a big one. Ridding your cat of static cling. Sophie has been so charged lately that she looks like a Wookie and I can pet her without actually having to touch her.

    • That’s a great tip. I’m not sure Kitty would let anyone near her with a dryer sheet, but I’ll pass it along to my sister just the same. 😉

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