Go Green for Spring: Romaine Lettuce



Happy Spring!!

Which was actually yesterday. Who knew!

OK, a lot of people probably knew, but I didn’t. I was sure the first day of Spring was today until I saw yesterday’s Google.

Oh well. Life is full of missed opportunities, I guess.

Well, First Day of Spring, or Second Day of Spring aside, today’s Veggie is Romaine Lettuce.

Romaine Lettuce often gets overlooked, but it’s actually chock full of nutrients and contains a whole alphabet of vitamins. This leafy green isn’t just something to fill the bottom of your salad bowl. It’s a wise, nutritious choice for a well-balanced diet.

Choosing Romaine
Look for heads that are tightly packed with stems that are not too brown. (Use the same guidelines for selecting Boston and Bibb lettuces.)

Using Romaine
Have you ever determined to be healthy – I mean, really healthy this time – and load up your grocery cart with all sorts of salad greens…only to have them rot in your fridge before you have a chance to use them up?

Or is that only me?

Well, I have discovered a way to combat this tendency. As soon as I get home from the store, I wash and chop my lettuce.

My sister-in-law gave me an Oxo salad spinner that is very roomy. I toss all of my washed greens into the basket and give it a few spins. Then I cover the greens with a paper towel, and the entire bowl (and basket) tightly with plastic wrap. The basket keeps the greens away from any condensation, and the paper towel soaks up any moisture. I toss the greens every time I make salad, and replace the paper towel whenever it feels damp.

This not only keeps my salad greens fresh far longer, but it saves me a lot of time when I’m making my lunches for school. (And forces me to actually eat the healthy things in my fridge.)

Need some salad ideas?
Romaine+Shredded Carrots+Kalamata Olives+Feta Cheese+Boiled Egg …with Balsamic Vinaigrette (my typical lunch)

Romaine+Black Olives+Prosciutto+Parmesan …with oil and vinegar

Romaine+Bibb+Arugula+Spinach+Mushrooms+Parmesan …with Caesar Dressing

What is your favorite salad combination?



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