Oh hey! You’re still here!

Ok, so yeah, January was a long time ago.

You see, I got a job.

Then I went back to school.

And things got busy.

Don’t be mad, ok?

…So, about this job.

I’m teaching science to a group of fabulous middle schoolers, at a fabulous school, with some fabulous people.

It’s simply…fabulous.

However, these fabulous people love prayer circles.

I mean, seriously.

It’s like a religion or something.

And if you happen to be one of the few lucky people who know me personally (Ok, who am I kidding? That’s most of the people who read this blog.), you know that I am really, really uncomfortable with awkward unsolicited physical contact…like, holding hands…in a circle…during prayer.


It was in the midst of one of these prayer circles that I began to think about how awkward prayer circles were. And how funny that awkwardness is. And how sacrilegious my thoughts were. And how I should really write this down.

And then I remembered I had a blog.

So, you know, maybe I have a couple days off soon. And maybe I’ll share my prayer circle story. And maybe I won’t get struck by lightening or anything.

It will be fabulous.


Ain’t Never Done It Thataway Before

In case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to this here blog. It’s not the way I want it yet, but it will get there…eventually.

Please be patient while it’s under construction…and I hope you’ll enjoy the new look and upcoming content!

{{Big cheers all around for me finally getting off my duff and doing something about this little bit of web estate.}}

Brace Yourselves!!

Life has been uneventful lately.

Not boring…just not blog-worthy.

We’re coming down to the less-than-two-weeks-away crunch time for Speech Competition¬†[cross your fingers and bite your nails!], so things have definitely been happening. But they’ve been happening so smoothly that I’m a little worried. Continue reading

These are a few of my favorite things.

Admit it. You sang the post title when you read it, didn’t you. (I wouldn’t blame you. I sang it as I typed it.)

Nathan Bransford (whose blog amuses me) recently posted his top 100 favorite movies. When I saw that Casablanca was #1, I thought, “This dude’s got class.”

…then I read the rest of the list and realized that he rated Groundhog Day above The Philadelphia Story, and I began to seriously doubt his classiness.

Oh well. We can’t all have our priorities straight, I guess.

Here’s my list of my favorite classic (and classy) movies…in the order I thought of them while I was sitting in Starbucks. Continue reading

I’m not dead…I’m just slacking.

At least I’m honest about it.

I have a brilliantly worded and witty post about New Year’s Resolutions floating around in my head, but I’ve been putting off writing it – mainly because it was Christmas Vacation…and I’ve been vacating.

I’ve also been working on my other blog.

And reading a book on World War I.

And writing a book.

In French.

(Ok, that last part wasn’t true.)

(I don’t know French.)

(Although, my students told me I should re-write the Hunger Games and fix all of the problems.)

(I said, “Only if I can write the entire thing in parentheses.”)

(Because it’s fun.)