Today, I Felt Like a Failure

I woke up this morning with a sick headache.

But I went to school anyway.

Because who calls in sick on the third week of school?

I lost count when I was making the coffee, and I made it too strong.

The other teachers were in for a surprise.

I remembered to take attendance.

But I forgot to send it to the office.

I tried to open my web browser.

But I accidentally restarted my computer.

Then Windows had to install updates.

My head hurt.

I was impatient with my students.

I think I forgot to teach one class.

I didn’t grade a single paper.

There is a huge stack waiting on my desk.

I’m pretty sure my weekly newsletter had mistakes.

I know my weekly test schedule is wrong.

I didn’t even bother to answer emails.

I have no idea if my students took the right books home.

I’m not sure I even assigned all the homework.

I didn’t clean my room.

I just left.

Today, I felt like a failure…

…But God thinks I’m pretty awesome.

…So that’s the story I’m going with.



As Time Goes By

I flip on the floodlights and step out onto the stage.

Fifteen years ago, I stood in this exact spot. (Ok, a few feet back, really. We didn’t have the stage extension then.)

In my mind’s eye, I see my teenage self: similar black dress, similar string of pearls, similar black shoes – albeit, sensible pumps instead of the slightly-less-than-sensible stilettos that are now killing my feet.

Like the 360 cinematic sweep that is playing out in my head, I see my life come full circle. Continue reading